Medishield, integrated shield plan rider changes

So if you are thinking if your should switch medical insurance providers for your integrated shield plan..think again.

Go to link for more info


Learning about money from others

Money questions with Anna Akana and the lessons learnt from it.

Good video and i picked up a few things.

  1. She said she cannot get used to spending on self care like massage but is getting use to it. At the same time said she more than willing to spend on body enhancement. Lol.
  2. But she not to worry about money so you can focus on making more of it. 👍🏼 easy to say but hard to do.
  3. If desperation comes, learn to walk away if needed 👍🏼 and money will come.
  4. Invest in one self 👍🏼👍🏼
  5. Invest in projects and help others 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  6. Wow, makes 1 million and only takes back 400k after taxes, and 100k for self. which means 300k on cost and projects is a lot but at same time its really good for her she makes 100k a year which most of us can work hard and dream about.
  7. Read on wiki that Anna’s sis committed suicide which makes me admire her for her strength to bounce back even more. She turned her pain to her strength to do comedy and seek to help others with their film and message to the world. What an inspiration. You go girl!



Seoul – SKKU orientation

Thinking back, the orientation tour was great. We all got the chance to know more new people on the way to admiring the cultural monuments.

First collage shows some areas of the campus.
We also got to watch some exciting and eye opening performance by SKKU.


Below is the second collage of the places SKKU brought us to.
Its Gwang Hwa Mun, if i am not wrong, its the largest gate of the palace.
We got to watch the Nanta performance at the end of the day.
Its an exhilarating musical act about cooking and using tools to make music.


We ended our day with dinner at the nearest Korean BBQ place.
The fun part is watching the meat get cooked and getting to eat it straight hot, fresh and tender.


General travel tips

1. Air tickets price varies according to the time of booking. The best time to book flight tickets will be to book very early and way in advanced or at the very last minute where promotions are rampant to sell left over air seats. Below are 3 articles for futher reading:
Understanding Airline Ticket Prices
Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare
Buying Air Tickets – How to find the best flights and cheapest fares

2. Packing light is very important when you have lots of things to carry in a limited space and weighted luggage up the plane.
Two important rules i have for myself is to roll up my clothes (put them in air tight ziplock if you have to) and to pack a compressed formula of 2 to 3 tops for every bottom i have for day wear. The number of  bottoms i bring is equivalent to about the number of days i will be away divided into half.  (eg away for 5 days, so 3 bottoms will do, but not inclusive of night wear) i thought these 2 articles are a good read: How to pack light and Ten ways to cut down your luggage

3. Have checklist so you do not miss things out. Remember important stuff such as your passport and cash, electronic chargers, universal adaptors, emergency contact list, photocopy of passport, itinerary, addresses, travel insurance, flight details and other important documents.

4. Do a search on hostels or homestay if you have a budget in accommodation.
For hostels, i would recommend hostelbookers as hostelworld and agoda can be more expensive but agoda offers points for discounts on future bookings.
If you are comfortable with staying over at other’s place, feel free to try airbnb for a daily fee or coachsurfing for free.