Acid peels


Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula

So i finally bought this peel solution as an alternative for ceasing my chemical peel sessions.
It can be found over the pharmacy counter in larger guardian stores.
Starter kit consisting of the wash, toner and moisturizer cost $49.
AHA solution 8 comes separately at a cost of $46.35.

Went back to google on the various peel ingredients and found out that
there is a different usage for AHA and BHA acid peels.

Here is why you need to exfoliate for bright, smooth and radiant skin
when normal facial scrubbing is simple not enough.

Subsequently, here tells you the difference between both acid peels;
AHA and BHA and what is best for your skin.

In a nutshell, use AHA for dry skin but not prone to breakouts and
BHA for oily skin phone to breakouts as
these acid differs in solubility of the dry versus oily skin.
And how you can tell through the ingredients of the bottle
that glycolic acid is an AHA
and salicylic acid is a BHA.


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