Chocolate as health and hormones benefits


Have you ever wondered why when you are upset, you turn to candies and chocolate for comfort?

Well, studies have shown that dark chocolate can reduce stress.
Chocolate reduces hormone levels in those who faces high anxiety levels.

Chocolate with 75% cocoa or more which is present in dark chocolate, is the optimal amount which consumed by a person will give out the same feeling a person gets when they are in love or feeling happy and less depressed. This is also what makes people crave for chocolates.

On a scientific and health side, chocolate’s health benefits includes lowering blood pressure, fighting heart disease, strokes and reducing chances of cancer.

However, as chocolate contains much fat and sugar. Eating in moderation is always advised.

I would say, not chocolates but dark chocolates are beneficial for the health and the hormones.

dark chocolate may reduce stress

effects on chocolate on the hormones


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