Seoul – guesthouse

Stayed a day at Bong house during my Seoul trip.

Mr Bong speaks english well, so not to worry about communication. Just speak slowly so that message can be understood through the different accents.

I must say that my find of guesthouse “Bong house” has made me very satisfied as its very near the Sung Kyun Kwan University. Just 5 minutes. SKKU is just behind Bong house.

Bong house also provided a bottle of free beer at their bar for guest every night they stayed. Bong house also has a locker for guests, use of the common kitchen area and desktop for use.

Almost every guesthouse will have free wifi for their guest. I think Korea provides very good and fast internet connection. Most guesthouse also provides free breakfast and laundry service.

To get to Bong house, i took airport limousine 6011 from the airport at 10, 000 Won and got there in about an hour.

Alight at Sung Kyun Kwan University stop and you will see a 3-storey Dunkin Donuts.
Walk up this street between Dunkin Donuts and SK Telecom.
Walk straight down until you see Ediya Espresso Coffee (large blue sign)
Turn left here and walk towards “Family Mart”.
Look left when you see “Family Mart”and you should be able to see the white circular sign of “Bong House”


12 thoughts on “Seoul – guesthouse

  1. hi, isn’t accomodation provided by skku during the summer trip? or did you extend your stay hence the need for the guesthouse? just curious, thanks lovely!

    • hi, yes accommodation is provided by skku during summer trip. i arrived earlier than expected date hence the need for guest house.
      thanks for the clarification. cheers! 🙂

  2. Hi I chanced upon your blog, and it has very relevant information and interesting posts! I have a burning question. For the dorms in SKKU, how were the room mates distributed when you were there? Is it possible to share the room with a friend of our choice?

    • Hello! Sorry to disappoint you but unfortunately, room allocation were made randomly by SKKU and not with friends. Mostly, friends could be in the same building but different floors, or same level but different rooms.

      You could switch though but i would advise you to do it discreetly between yourselves as it is unlikely the in-charge will allow.

      Would just like to share with you that if you do switch rooms, just remind both parties to bear in mind and assume each other’s identity/names consistently from the start during the stay as i have heard of people being forced to move back to their original rooms and they will do checks.

      On a happier note, you can always make new friends and get to know more people other than the friend of your choice by being in the same room! 🙂

      Hope it helps! Let me know! 🙂

  3. Hello, thanks for sharing with us your experience in the summer school! May i know if bong house is safe? Are there locks? My friend and i intend to stay in guesthouse before summer school starts. And we will be touring around seoul… So we need to ensure the safety of our belongings.


    • Yes bong house has a locker but its only big enough for personal stuff, it will not fit your luggage.
      But you can lock your luggage and leave it in your room, or get mr bong to take care of it for you 🙂
      anyway bong house is one back alley away from skku! i was so surprised when i found out how near it was.
      have fun!

      • Haha actually i have Google mapped it. And yea Hahha very near. One last qn here :p

        can we lock up our room? thanks!!

      • are you sharing a dorms room or getting a private room with you and your friend?
        if its private room, yes i am sure you can lock it. i have seen people do that.

  4. hi 😀 glad to have found your post about your stay in bong house
    i will be going for student exchange at skku in the fall semester and was thinking of staying in guesthouses throughout the period of exchange (mid-aug till end dec). bong’s place seems to fit what i was looking for, however, i couldn’t find information about the room prices ><
    i am seeking for a room for two females (including myself), and hopefully an affordable place too!
    thanks 😀

  5. Hi Pearlgreytea! I am also intending to stay at Bong house but they require my friend and me to pay a deposit, I was wondering if it is safe to do so? Are there any cases of deposit scams you heard of? And how was Bong house like?

    Btw, do you have the previous commentor’s email (moumoon)? I would like to contact and ask her some queries since I believe she went to Bong house before!

    Are there an other guesthouses or hostels you recommend that is near SKKU?

    Thank you very much!!

    • Hi David, I stayed at Bong house and it was fine. You can make a small deposit, i think i did and it turn out fine. Bong house is very near SKKU and Mr Bong can speak some English and will help you with directions. All the best and have fun!

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