Taipei – mingsu, ningxia night market

I am here at Taipei, Taiwan now.

Taking it as a vacation, graduation trip, birthday celebration with a friend and etc.

We decided to stay at a MingSu called Studio X at Zhongxiao Fuxing area. Pictures below.
It was quite a confusion to find the place when we first came.
It would have been great if we had the exact address such as the building number like 42 or 44. or right beside chocolate cake shop.

Anyhow, we went to kill time at this place called Qtime literally and took a nap there. Pictures of the place is below following paragraph, with my friend using the desktop.

It is a great place as there are other activities such as watching movies, reading comics, magazines, using the computers and to rest. We paid an average of 60NT for an hour per pax, which comes to about SGD $2.50 per hour. Worth the money, i feel.

We went to night market for dinner and it was fun i must say!
As the name explains, night markets are usually open and more lively at night.
Ningxia night market is walkable from Zhong Shan Station.
The pictures will speak for itself.


2 thoughts on “Taipei – mingsu, ningxia night market

    • oh thank you. just to be clear, Qtime pictures are right below the describing paragraph. with one of the picture of my friend using their desktop. cheers 🙂

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