Taipei – jiufen and shifen

Jiufen is like a small town for tourist destination

Shifen is well known for its waterfalls

To get there:

-Jiufen: train to ruifang then bus to jiufen
-Shifen: train to ruifang then another train to shifen. 36 NT to and fro.

Train station at Rui Fang

train schedule from Rui Fang to Shi Fen

my bad attempt at stitching a panorama picture of the waterfall. 80 NT into the waterfalls.
there is a goat farm, chicken farm, koi pond, feeding of animals, swings, cafes all in that waterfall area.

train schedule from Shi Fen back to Rui Fang

then bus from Rui Fang to Jiu Fen

peanut ice cream wrap

wonderful touristy gifts


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