Seoul – SKKU Summer International 2012

I realised i have quite a few readers who would benefit with more information of the SKKU Summer Programme. So here goes!

Here is the link for SIM students to apply and find out more.

Back in 2012, I applied early in the year in Jan/Feb.
It includes a 50 odd dollars registration fee to secure a place.
Mostly everyone gets selected even though it says depending on academic results etc.

While the summer programme starts in late June 2012 for 4 weeks, SKKU would have hostels provided according to gender and school. For example, SIM students and NTU students stayed in different buildings but some students do opt to find their own accommodation. 

Air tickets are purchased on our own as every student have their own traveling plans
Travel insurance is also advised to be bought.

In SKKU, we can take up to 2 courses plus free language course.
It is mandatory to take a minmium of one course which cost 750 USD,
accommodation is 500 USD,
and there is also a cultural tour by the school around korea optional at 300 USD.
It includes like trip to cultural village, confucian temples, lotte world and making of kimbab held once a week over 4 weeks.

Course selection and all payments are done on your own via the SKKU portal.
Accommodation will be allocated by SKKU.

Although there may or may not be credit transfers but the experience there and making friends around the world is priceless.


14 thoughts on “Seoul – SKKU Summer International 2012

  1. Hey I am from NTU and I saw this while searching for SKKU. I am offered SKKU but I applied alone so I am a little worried ’cause most people usually go in cliques right? Anyway, SIM and NTU hostels are separated? Which means it’s probably better for me to try to make NTU friends instead?

    • Hey Liz, last year in 2012, SIM and NTU students were in separate hostels. But guess what, i went alone alone too and i made many friends from various countries and various schools such as from SIM and NTU. I even met people from NUS but they were not from SKKU.
      I got to know NTU students from my classes while SIM students from my hostel building.
      From me to you, being alone makes it easier to mix around with others because you don’t really have to worry about accommodating and getting everyone in your clique to go somewhere or do something in the shortest time. Besides, being alone will make it easier for other cliques to invite you along for activities anytime easily.
      I hope i managed to answer your question. Please feel free to ask me more if you are interested! 🙂
      Happy CNY.

  2. hey i wanna ask something, did u know about the iss in skku 2013? is it will held in this year? because i hear some issue about north korea and south korea problem, and my university is afraid to send us to korea and didn’t apply us yet. they send email to skku to ask this problem but skku didn’t reply yet. and they decided to wait the email from skku first before register us. I’m afraid the dorm and courses are already full and i can’t get it 😦

    • hi, i am sorry i do not know about skku 2013.
      you can refer to your school regarding the questions that concern you.
      i am sure a big organization like a school will be able to secure places for their students in regards to courses and accommodation placing.

      • Hi! May I know the curfew timing for skku hostel? I was deciding between skku and Hanyang, and I am going alone, I wonder if u have any advice and should I stay in the school hostel or off campus if I go to skku? I am a female and am going to travel alone too.

      • Hi! May I know the curfew timing for skku Hostel? I am a female and am going a alone too, thus I was wondering if I should consider off campus housing?

        Apart from skku, do u have any idea about hanyang summer program?

        Please advice:)

      • hi,

        sorry for the delay in response. there is an official curfew for skku hostel, however, there are ways to get around it. just make sure you know the passcodes to the door or have your keys with you when you return late.

        personally, i feel it is best to stay in the hostel to get the experience and to make more friends to watch out for each other. off campus housing will feel a bit lonely and excluded in the school activities when you do not have roommates to update you with what is happening in campus.

        sorry i do not have any idea about hanyang summer program.

        have fun!

  3. Hi! Find your blog is really informative! Just like to clarify upon registering for the ID, there is a requirement of submitting the official transcript/ certificate of enrolment. Cause I am still in my second year so basically I don’t have any official transcript and I couldn’t find any official document to download in the simconnect that I am a sim student. May I know what did u submit during your time? Thank you

    • Hi,

      I submitted the history of my results which can be found via the system online. I think that should do it.


  4. Hi, I am planning to go to skku with my sister. I was wondering if they allow siblings to be put inside the same room… do you know of anybody who did it?
    Just curious but which dorms do ntu students get?

  5. Hi I am planning to go to skku with my sister, so I was wondering if you know if they allow siblings to be sorted into the same room on request? Another thing I was wondering is what dorms do ntu students get sorted to? Thanks 🙂

    • Hello. Yes, I think they do allow requests but you have to do it early and it has to get through to them…i am not sure about the dorms. I believe its by the year’s intake and size of group that year. Hope it helps.

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