Seoul – SKKU Global Forum 2012

As part of the summer exchange program in SKKU, activities are held to promote Korean and international students to mingle.

In 2012, they had this global forum where we had to form groups consisting of Koreans and international students to do a presentation together.

While the Global Forum presentation is optional, the winning teams got to win prizes.
In my year, there were one 1st place, three 2nd place and three 3rd place.
My team and i managed second place and we won a 16gb thumbdrive and a trip to a cultural village! It was worth it as everything was free and on a weekend so it didn’t eat into class time or anything.  During the trip, we got to learn more about the culture through tour and lessons and also had traditional korean meals.

Our first meal at the village and various tours around the village,


Our sleeping and resting quarters,


Buffet breakfast and some cultural lessons of Korean’s greeting,
tea making and mediation,


We had to cross this rushing river of water to a art center to watch performances from traditional to modern music and ended the day with supper!


Another day’s tour to a traditional village with a real cow.



2 thoughts on “Seoul – SKKU Global Forum 2012

  1. Is the global forum compulsory or optional? And wow, I wanted to go to the cultural folk village too and a free trip makes everything more pleasant! I miss korean food! (:

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