Seoul – simcard charges back in 2012

Here is a table of the prepaid simcard charges back in June 2012 when i was in Seoul.
If i am not wrong, the service provider is KT Olleh.



7 thoughts on “Seoul – simcard charges back in 2012

  1. Hi, may i clarify this sim card prepaid with you? Cos im pretty confused even though I’ve checked it online via their official website…

    We can just insert the prepaid card into our phone like SIM card in sg right? Then, is it something like say $20singtel topup kind?

    Can we call overseas like Korea to sg?

    And what about the phone number? Is it a Korean number? If it is, then how does that come about?

    Sorry! And thanks!!

    • Hi,

      i got an international sim card from the airport instead.
      nope this pre paid sim card is not mine, and i don’t have it. I took the picture from my friend who bought the sim card.

      yes its like a normal prepaid simcard like in sg where you insert into your phone.

      yes you pay call overseas to singapore but I am not sure about the charges.

      Yes, if its a prepaid sim card from korea service provider, it is a korean number.
      i guess your whatsapp etc will not be affected because you registered it via your sg phone number.

    • international sim card gives me an international uk number while the korean prepaid sim card give me a korean number. difference lies in the rates of calling locally vs internationally.

  2. Hello! May I know if your friend bought this prepaid card at Incheon Airport as well? Would there be another place you would reccommend us to get these rental SIM cards or prepaid cards?

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