Seoul – SKKU Migaon Ville

For those who are going to be posted to Migaon Ville as one of the SKKU dorms, you are in luck!

Here are some pictures of how the room and study area looks like and the video courtesy of some seniors who kindly uploaded it in the previous year  2011 for us.

Also, bedsheets, pillow, pillow sheets and blanket were provided for us.

2012-06-30 11.35.16



44 thoughts on “Seoul – SKKU Migaon Ville

  1. Hi, did you stay at migaon ville too? or which dorm did you stay at? Do you have pictures, amongst all the dorm that SKKU provides (the $500/month) dorm, which is the best and why? Thank you (:

    • Yes, i stayed at Migaon Ville hence i took the pictures.
      Unfortunately, i did not take pictures of the other dorms when i visited them.

      Each dorm has their pros and cons and SKKU will assign us the dorms based on their intake.
      We won’t be able to select which dorms we want to go to.

      Anyhow, for your info.

      K-House is nearest to SKKU, while NIIED is the furthest from SKKU.
      Both has 2 people in a room with single beds, a toilet, a bath room and study table.
      Washing laundry area, cooking/living room area are shared with everyone in the building.

      Migaon Ville has 8 people in a house, 2-4 people in a room with bunk beds.
      A kitchen, 2 toilets, a washing and drying machine and a study area with 8 tables.
      I would think it would be the best living space with privacy and housework done without living your house.

      I-house has 2 people to a room with single beds, study table and they have a roof top. mainly used for gatherings.

      As for Koart Villge, Maple and Birch House, i do not know / remember much.

  2. Hi, thank you, it puts things into perspective. Miagon sounds good. By the way, when you bank wire transfer to korea, did you sent from sgd-usd-krw or straight from sgd-krw? do you still remember the extra bank charges? because I was quoted $50 ($30+$20) to send sgd-usd-krw. so i was wondering. which bank did you use and how much you were charged?

    • haha you are in luck! because i kept my bank wire transfer details.
      but i can’t seem to attach a picture of it so i will just type it out for you.

      ExchangeRate (Indicative): USD1=SGD1.2739
      Handling Commission: S$ 5.00 (Charged to applicant)
      Telex / Cable Charges: S$ 20.00 (Charged to Applicant)
      Agent Bank Charges: Beneficiary

      i used posb and i did it online to get the low extra bank charge.

      hope it helps!

      • Wow, that’s certainly lower than what was quoted to me! Was it a one time off promotion or generally posb charges lower if you do it online?

        It is the outward telegraphic transfer right? Btw, did you print or printscreen the page after doing the transfer? Because SKKU wants a copy of it, so..

        Anyways you did sgd-usd-krw right? Thanks, you’re such a dear!

      • You may want to double check but what i remembered last year was that
        POSB charges lower for customers doing it online verses those who does it via their counters.

        Yeap, outward telegraphic transfer.
        Yes being kiasu, i took a screen shot of it after my transfer but before confirmation from POSB. haha.

        Yea i bought in USD then SKKU will receive in KRW. so yes SGD-USD-KRW.

        No i did not use the form because using the form means i have to go via counter.
        I logged into my ibanking and chose the telegraphic transfer option to do it.

      • Hey can I check with you! I was about to transfer the sum to skku. But bank asked for clearing code. The bank code is not the clearing code right? Is there any clearing code? And they told me recipient name cant have any punctuation. But SKKU put the receiver as SungKyunKwan Univ. and I am not too sure if I can type in full. It will be good if you can send me the screenshot of your transfer details, like blank out your account number etc if needed. cause i am at a total loss with the online bank transfer but i dont want to waste another 25 at the counter. my email is! thanks!

    • wow that was fast. its only Feb!
      I guess the USD rates are good?
      Summer program is in end June this year too?

      hahaha you are welcome. saving $25 means alot when you have to pay $50! 🙂

  3. haha, when did you pay last year? well, I just think it’s better to clear it once and for all rather then keep thinking about it. off to finding air tickets next 🙂

    it’s about 1.24~ now so i think it’s quite good I feel, way better than 1.65 exchange rates in the past, I still remembered as I did online shopping previously.

    Yes, saving $25 means alot and much faster too. I had so much trouble with stan chart counter person just now, he practically didn’t know anything and was so blur about everything.

    This year is 27june to 24july. Looking to extend my stay though. Btw, are you pearleen?

    • I paid in May because i was busy deciding my course, finding the best bank rates, airline rates, currency rates and watching the USD and KRW rates.

      I didn’t check standard chartered, but i checked POSB, OCBC and UOB.

      Yeah 1.24 is good. Good call and good timing on your part. Better change your money soon if KRW is good. There was a time 1 SGD could give us 1000 KRW.

      Nope i am not Pearleen. Very smart guess.
      Is she your senior or something?
      I am though, one of her many neighbours in Migaon Ville building. 🙂

      • Hmmm, sometimes I wonder if it was a wrong decision to decide so fast. But I was worried that the course I want would be taken up.

        The airfares are usually more expensive because even for promotions, their return by date would be before 1 month, so we can’t take that.

        Haha, just lucky I guess, cos the USA economy is in shit right now. Well, gloomy economic environment for when we graduate though. The KRW-SGD rate is not good right now. it’s about 1000krw=0.77sgd, such a bummer. Do you still remember your rates? I’m watching them though and hopefully sgd can appreciate/krw can depreciate slightly.

        No, haha, I don’t know Pearleen, but I think I saw her in school before, just that on skku website, under testimony, was hers and her picture, so I was just wondering that’s all. Haha, but I guess I guessed wrong.

        Hopefully I get Migaon Ville, it seems like the best/ideal place compared to some other dorm, I read a blog where one student complained about the dorm she was allocated to. Although I watched rosechip’s video before and was cursing the long walk to school, I guess it’d be good exercise, but still when you’re tired and you just want to get back to the dorm for a rest or when you want to go put all the shopping into the dorm before heading out again would be quite a bummer.

      • no worries. i changed your typo! 🙂
        I think my exchange rate was 1 SGD to 890 KRW back in June 2012.
        There were people who changed at 810 KRW and some at 930 KRW.

        oh i just saw the SKKU website testimonial.
        I know Victoria, she sits beside me in class and is my Global Forum group mate.
        She blogged about her SKKU trip too almost daily.
        Its interesting and fun to know her experiences as she is encounters really odd people who throws high five and peace signs at her and a man even licked her back when she was at the clubs.
        I am not sure if she took it down already. Let me check with her before i can share the link.

        Can you share the blog link about the student who complained about his/her dorm with me? Would like to read their experiences too. Thanks!

      • Hey there just wanna check. You said you pay in May yeah? So you still managed to secure the dorm and the modules that you want? I am going to apply soon and pay soon. But I heard that dorms are filling up fast now and I’m worried. Am I worried for nothing??? HAHHA

      • Lol yes you are worrying for nothing. You cannot choose the dorms but you can choose your courses so be sure to register earlier to secure your place. I believe its by registration and not payment. So yeah i got the modules i wanted, after all they can always fit a few more students in a class.

      • Ohno I don’t think I am worrying for nothing. I have dropped an email to SKKU and they have said that both the courses I am interested in the mrng and afternoon are full alr. I think it’s really fast this year. And they said classes are filling up too fast they really cannot tell me which classes still have vacancies because when I apply, there might not be anymore.

        I will apply tomorrow straightaway when I get my documents ready. Hopefully there are still available courses.

  4. thanks for changing the typo!

    wow, the 930 rate is super good! I hope I can get that rate too! *cross fingers*
    It’d be cool if she is willing to share her blog link, I have been searching for a few blogs but somehow most of the time, only yours pop up, because you did those tags I think.

    Btw, she complained as in cos she said it was far, haha, but here you go:, enjoy!

    • oh thanks! i think she had to go up the slope for class or she used the wrong gate which leads up the slope thats why its far.
      Her pictures are really good and helpful to know how the school looks. Very nicely done.

      There are shortcuts available, just remember to ask your housing assistant when you are there. He/She will be a SKKU Korean student who enrolled for the summer program as well.

  5. Hi there! Thanks so much for making a post about the dorm, it’s really helpful!

    Btw, do they provide the bedsheets/blankets or do we have to bring our own? And are we allowed to extend our stay at the dorm or is it strictly just for time we’re studying there?

    • Yes they provide bedsheets, pillow and pillow sheets and blanket.
      and yes they will give you instructions to extend your stay at the dorm before the summer program ends.

      • Oh ok, that’s great! Because I read from some other blogs and they had to buy their own sheets and blanket, but I wasn’t sure whether they attended the summer program or maybe some other exchange. Do you know how much they charge for the extension of stay? And can I ask which course(s) you took?

      • I paid 105, 000 won for 7 days of extended stay.
        So its about less than SGD $20 a day.

        I took leadership, entrepreneurship and ethics for my morning class and contemporary finance strategies for my afternoon class.

  6. Hey there, can I check with you? When researching for more info, this is the accommodation part I get: “These options include the regular SKKU dormitories, Daehangno dormitory and off-campus accomodation.”. Are K-House, NIIED, Miagon Ville, I-house, Koart Village, Maple and Birch House all considered under SKKU dorms?? Because they say that Daehangno dorm is managed by the korean govt.

    So when I choose to stay in SKKU dorms during application, I don’t know which dorm I will get is it? It may be K-house, or Miagon Ville, or I-house?

    • hello.

      I wasn’t aware of the Daehangno dormitory in my year. Yes those dorms mentioned are under SKKU dorms. And you will only know which dorm you will get after they have allocated you to it. It may not be limited to K-house, or Miagon Ville, or I-house, it could even be NIIED, Koart Village, Maple and Birch House.

  7. Oh btw, when did you know where you were allocated to? In April? SKKU emailed you directly? Seems like this year there are too many people going, there’s 200 SIM students going to skku alone. 0.0

    • Welcome. actually i think by May or June then i knew where i was allocated to.
      Yeah they will let you know which dorm you need to report to.
      They had over 200 Singapore students there in SKKU too, including NTU students.

  8. Hello.
    It’s about the middle of June, but they haven’t informed me about the building and the room of my dormitory yet. Do you think it is time to worry?
    And I still have no information about airport pick-up, is that ok?

    • airport pick up its actually a bus from the airport to the bus stop near the dorm.
      as for your dorm room, maybe you should email them for clarification.

      • Thank you for the information!
        Oh, so i’ll have to find the busstop myself, right? I mean, i thought there would be a person waiting for me at the airport 🙂
        btw, there must be something wrong with me but i can’t find any of these dormitories on campus map. I expected them to be on the campus territory..

      • yes, you have to find the bus stop yourself.
        most of the dorms are not in the campus map.
        only k-house is in the campus, the rest are outside but nearby.

  9. Hi! Thank you so much for the video and the walk to school. I’ve just received my dorm allocation from SKKU that I’m allocated to Migaon Ville!!

    Just by looking at the directions alone makes my head spin a little. But thanks to your video, I realized it’s not that confusing after all!

    Once again thank you for taking time to reply all of the queries above. (:

    • Hello,
      there is LAN connection to the internet, from there, you can create a hotspot from someone’s laptop and use the wifi.

  10. Hello,
    I have a question concerning the Wifi connection, now I’m at Migaon Ville, and my roommate had come into the room before me and so she told me that the internet belongs to her, and therefore I can not use the wifi connection when she is absent, or when she is out, she turns off the WIFI.
    Is this you arive too? is this normal?

    • Hi,

      i am so sorry i missed your question.
      after so long, i did not expect people to come here hence i stopped checking too.

      but for the benefit for others, i will answer the question.

      when i was there, there was no wifi but LAN cables for you to plug into the internet. From there, you can create hotspot for use. like a wifi i supposed. so what happens was that one of us would create it for everyone in the room to use as wifi and when that persons turns off her laptop, the connection would stop. unless she keeps it on the whole time.

  11. Hello, can I check with you how much did you transfer? Do I have to include the agent fees because my email from SKKU states that I have to pay exact if not my application will be turned down! Do I have to input the commission charges and etc? Do you mind sending me a screenshot if you still have it? Hope you see my message! Thanks a million!

    • Hello. Sorry i don’t remember or jave the screenshot of my charges anymore. I believed i paid for the bank charges on my side and the agent charges on them. I used dbs online tt transfer so i paid 20+5 for per tranfer bank charges. Hope this helps.

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