Seoul – SKKU orientation

Thinking back, the orientation tour was great. We all got the chance to know more new people on the way to admiring the cultural monuments.

First collage shows some areas of the campus.
We also got to watch some exciting and eye opening performance by SKKU.


Below is the second collage of the places SKKU brought us to.
Its Gwang Hwa Mun, if i am not wrong, its the largest gate of the palace.
We got to watch the Nanta performance at the end of the day.
Its an exhilarating musical act about cooking and using tools to make music.


We ended our day with dinner at the nearest Korean BBQ place.
The fun part is watching the meat get cooked and getting to eat it straight hot, fresh and tender.



16 thoughts on “Seoul – SKKU orientation

  1. Hi, for your dorm right, do they have cooking utensils/ space (for the miagore villa) and is there a safe to keep your passport and the like? Or you just lock them up in the luggage. I heard that there is central aircondition, so is the dorm airconditioned all the time (whole day) or can you switch on off yourself? What about fans?

    Also, I booked the scoot flight and we will only reach on the 26th night around 10pm and I supposed by the time we reach the skku area, it would be around 11:30pm and the next day is the orientation (27th), do you think that they will let us in to the dorm on the 26th? There is some sort of administration available?


    • Hi,

      We had to get our own cooking utensils but yes there is a kitchen area, microwave and stove for cooking. No safe for passport, yes central air-conditioning in the apartment and you can switch it on or off yourself. No fans.

      Yes there will be a SKKU student in the dorm for your registration, as for arriving a day earlier, most of the students there would just get a room at the nearby bed and breakfast/hostels so as to not risk dragging luggages to the SKKU dorms and finding it locked.

      Hope it helps:)

  2. Thanks, oh but what I meant was that I would only touched down in seoul at around 10pm, so by the time I reach the dorm, it would be around 11.30pm, so I guess I need to find a nearby lodging. Btw do you still remembered what time was the orientation and when did it end?

    Were you guys randomly assigned during orientation or allowed to stick to your own friends?

    • Yes, you should find nearby lodging. The dorms would not be available before the dates they stated for skku summer accommodation. Orientation takes up the entire day. You can stick to with your friends for orientation.

  3. You mentioned that you stayed at Bong house before going to the orientation right? The dorm requires some form of registration at a counter? So, did you register at the counter on the morning of the orientation before going to the orientation or?

    Also, are the orientation for the entire day or half a day? And straight away after the orientation ends, the next day is when classes started? Thank you!

    • I believe you will register at the dorm one day before the orientation. Orientation takes up the full day.
      For example, most of us arrive at the dorm on Tuesday and orientation starts from Wednesday to Friday and lessons starts on Monday.

  4. Hi, sorry for bothering you, but I’d like to ask some question:
    1. Who’ll give me the information about the orientation (I mean when, where etc.). As far as I understand it’ll take place in Seoul campus, so how can I get from Suwon campus to Seoul campus?
    2. Are all these field trips (and other cultural activity) obligatory and what shall I do if I can’t/don’t want to participate?

    • 1. the orientation information will be given to you upon checking into dorm room
      2. i believe your housing assistant will guide you. its either they will charter a bus or the other way is the subway.
      3. its optional. you can choose not to go and go on your own way.

  5. Hi, around how much money did you bring there? I heard from my friend that you can bring your posb atm card and withdraw money there. Is it true? Thanks!

    • i think i brought about 4k? some in usd some in won.
      i am not too sure about posb card but i am certain the citibank one works.

  6. Hi again, I tried to google-mapped my way but failed terribly. Partly because the map is 2009 one and shop have changed. Can I ask, is hyehwa station and sungkyunkwan (the airport bus) near to each other? Are they beside each other? How to walk from hyehwa station to sunkyunkwan station? Because I will be staying elsewhere and taking the subway to hyehwa station, so I was wondering how to walk from hyehwa to skku? Thank you!

    • There are 2 skku campus.
      One is near hyehwa station and the other is at sunkyunkwan station. However, the 2 stations are an hour apart.
      while to walk from hyehwa station to the skku campus nearby, you got to try and ask around as there are various short cuts and it will be hard for me to explain via text. its about 15 mins walk.

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